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IMG_9080bLucha VaVooM – 11/4 – Electric Factory – Jake Krolick

Combine Mexican Wrestlers, Burlesque Performers and some raunchy comedy and you have a night to remember. Seriously the Lucha VaVooM tour stopped at the Electric factory in Philadelphia and it was a no-holds-barred evening to celebrate the bizarre throwback world of 60’s Mexican Lucha Cinema filled with a wild cast of characters. Take the villain Dirty Sanchez, a masked wrestler with a massive wad of pubic hair and a moustache that would make ex Hold Steady accordion player Franz Nicolay jealous. Half way through his routine Sanchez decided to pop some sort of butt mud contraption and tossed his chocolate soiled skivvies into the screaming crowd.

IMG_9141b Then there was the Little Chicken a “Little Person” in a chicken suit who wrestled two goliaths as the crowd cheered him on louder than any masked combatant all evening. The Little Chicken’s best move; a flying leap off of the Electric Factory stage ten feet down onto his two opponents heads. Mixed into this melee of hilarity were burlesque performers. One dressed as a futuristic dominatrix, another was a flexible duo featuring a naughty monkey man and his temptress lady. Plus, in true burlesque form the finale had the crowd reeling as the hooping lady revealed herself to actually be a man. In-between the titillations and high flying acrobatics was a witty announcer who did his homework on the venue and city. He exclaimed how this night would be even cooler on a few hits of acid and that …”If you licked anything in the old Electric Factory that you’d get high for a week.” His wit was just right and not that annoying nails-on-a-chalkboard kind as he pointed out the best crowd signs and how to avoid the Police after too many drinks. Not sure if you’d enjoy Lucha VaVooM? Well wondered what we were getting into also, but the audience in Philly was sixty percent women and the show was one of the wilder scenes I’ve seen recently. It’s a perfect primer to a long night of tequila drinking and acting on bad ideas.











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