Preview – Greensky Bluegrass, Cornmeal, USPS – Feb 10th Sullivan Hall

Every now and then a show so sweet comes along that it becomes necessary to set off flares and sound the alarm.  On Feb 10th Brooklyn’s Sullivan Hall slices off a triple bill of bluegrass, folk and Americana music in what is sure to be a grand evening of live music.  I’ve caught both Greensky Bluegrass and Cornmeal before and can vouch for their abilities to sway the crowd bringing some serious wear and tear to dance floors everywhere.  Special guests at this shindig are The Union Street Preservation Society .  From the sound of it these local cats will make you want to arrive early.  BOMS caught up with Alex Borsody guitarist from The Union Street Preservation Society for a Q and A prior to the show to fill you in on what you can expect.

BOMS – Alex what is your role with The Union Street Preservation Society and how long have you been with them?

Borsody – My role with them is principally as guitar player, I have invented my own style of playing where I play with slightly higher than normal action and open tuning with a slide to give it that Dobro twang.  It is also an alternate tuning similar to the banjo where the high string can be used like the open G string on the banjo, just a little adjustment and I can play most banjo rolls on it too.  Like most other members of the band I also help with booking shows and PR, plus we do all our own design work, etc.

BOMS – Could you elaborate on this statement “The society is always accepting new, honorary members who are willing to delve deeper into the music, both intellectually and spiritually and physically.”

Borsody – Well this was just something I wrote up when we were writing early band bios, we formed out of the bluegrass jam scene and had a few people coming and going that were playing with us, we liked the open feeling of the jam scene and how people learned so much there.  It doesn’t really have any more truth to it right now; it seemed like a cute thing to say at the time.

BOMS – What can someone coming out to see USPS at Sullivan Hall expect – Musically? Visually?

Borsody – Musically they should expect some of the most unique roots and folk music being made right now, our repertoire includes at least 50 songs. We will be playing some fast, barn burners, chicken killers and foot stompers you know… bluegrass songs, as well as some blues. Each member in our band has a very distinct bio which contributes to their playing style. Bassist Jason Bertone studied jazz bass at Hampshire College and has played in a wide variety of bands from reggae to bluegrass, Sara Bouchard on mandolin is a classically trained pianist who also has recorded two albums of her own and plays a variety of instruments. David Lieberman on guitar went to Yale around the same time as Sara and studied cognitive science; he is a walking encyclopedia of folk and country songs. Harrison Hollingsworth on violin and is the youngest musician at the New York City Ballet, as well as first chair Bassoon. I came into folk music at the height of the jamband scene in the mid 2000’s at a very “alt” school Eckerd College and played in some bands since then, I contribute to a number of music magazines and enjoy photography, and my new favorite site is The Deli. I have my own consulting company developing web 2.0 projects in the music space and beyond. Visually I would expect you to see 5 very sexy people onstage playing music in a stunning manner.

BOMS – Give me 3 tips to prepare for your show on Feb 10?

Borsody – Come early stay late, tip the shot girl, and enjoy one of the most unique and interesting venues in NYC where magic is manufactured by machine elves that live behind the red curtain.

Union Street Preservation Society will be the special guests at the Greensky Bluegrass CD Release Show Co-Bill with Cornmeal at Sullivan Hall February 10 | 214 Sullivan St., New York, NY, | | $10 adv/$12 Day of |Doors 7 PM | Ages 18+

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