The Thinking Man – Singularity

Surely you’ve heard of “Moore’s Law”.  It’s the moniker given to the trend in computer processor power that keeps our computer technology getting faster and more powerful, while the costs stay about the same.   Exponential growth is a powerful force.

Some people believe that the concept of Moore’s Law can be applied across a range of scientific and technological disciplines and that this exponential growth of technology has frighteningly huge ramifications.  One of these people is Ray Kurzweil, a self-described futurist, who believes that you might live long enough to become a robot.

Seriously.  Kurzweil believes that within my lifetime (hopefully, but probably not his), Moore’s Law and the convergence of a variety of technological advances will push humanity into strange a new places.

Whether you believe that Kurweil has the dates right, it’s hard to argue that technology isn’t creating some rifts in society that are only likely to grow.  Sure, we can Facebook and Tweet our way to revolutions, but what Kurzweil and whole groups of scientists and technologists are talking about is tangible, physical, hardware that will become part of us in the future.

Do you consider your iPhone or Android or whatever an extension of who you are?  If not, why not?   It contains personal, perhaps work related, account info, access to banking, and storage for all sorts of things that you can’t be bothered to remember. Consider that you’ve begun outsourcing your memories in the forms of photos and home videos?  What if your mobile phone or in the info contained in it was somehow seamlessly connected into your body through some sort of implant?

It’s almost here.  It’s called “Augmented Reality“and it’s a killer app away from splashing into daily lives.

I’m guessing that the volume of the ongoing debate about healthcare will only get louder.  How do you decide who gets the Six-Million Dollar Man treatment?

Finally, for a bit of perspective…think for a moment about what the recently discovered, completely cut off from civilization, indigenous tribe in the Amazon.  What would they think about all of this?

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