Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group – 3.28.11 – Philadelphia

Surprise guest at a mid-week show – excited, but a whole band – Freak-out!   Monday night the Omar Rodriguez Lopez group visited South Street’s TLA and what a surprise the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group turned out to basically be the Mars Volta. Apparently the SXSW showing of Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala wasn’t a once off.  Bixler-Zavala is out on the road with the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, and they’ve been performing new Mars Volta material.

Other than Bixler-Zavala’s short new hairdo not much has changed he’s still busting out fancy dance moves, super banshee shrieks while swinging the microphone by its cord every which-way.  Together Lopez and Bixler-Zavala inserted from what I could gather new Mars Volta material into the evenings solo project.   The set of all new music featured Bixler-Zavala singing lead vocals the entire set.  The first few songs were down right funky in terms of the Mars Volta.  The first few songs each had the poetic punches that would remind a listener of moments from Frances the Mute.   Bixler-Zavala kept his voice sturdy with pulls from a steaming pot of liquid that sat next to him on stage.  Between songs there was even a bit of on stage chatter back and forth between the band,  a foreign concept for the Mars Volta.  But then again this was not billed as the Mars Volta so their alter ego the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group could do whatever the hell it wanted.

It would seem that this new work was being road tested knocking the kinks out a bit more before they take it back into the studio for their sixth album.   So for now the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group is Lopez shredding guitar, Cedric Bixler Zavala on vocals, Deantoni Parks on drums, Marcel Rodriguez Lopez on keys, Juan Alderete on bass, and Lars Stalfors on the tweaking of sound.

Watch as Rodriguez-Lopez and Bixler-Zavala destroy the TLA stage

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