The Thinking Man – Neurotechnology and Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears

Previous posts investigated god helmets, flesh eating robots and what might happen if and when man figures out how to merge his mind with computer technology.  This is serious, sci-fi movie level stuff.  Man has often used science fiction books and movies as a launch point for the real development of technology.

We could be talking about HG Wells or James Cameron or any number of other visionaries who help us visualize and therefore materialize the future.

Who, in the name of Charles Darwin, came up with this idea?

You have to hand it to the pioneers over at Neurowear who came up with this obnoxiously silly use of a cutting edge technology.   In reality, this so-called cutting edge technology is now so cheap and widely available that the Japanese can find bizarre uses of it. The real story is that this technology is cheap enough to make use of but it’s currently still finding the application of that technology.

Even though there is a growing cottage industry of nutty uses of technology, expect to see some potentially useful implementations of this type of technology.  Here’s a recent example of using your mobile phone to dial with your mind.

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