Doc Rock – Let the Music Take You Away

When you think you’ve heard just about enough about Ratko Mladick ( too many consonants ), President Ahmadinajad ( too many liesure suits ), Moamar Kadaffi ( too many pairs of bad sunglasses ) and Osama Bin Laden ( too many poor quality amateur videos )…..When you find it impossible to leave your home for fear of being swept away by flooding rivers, sucked-up by whirring tornados, shaken by earthquakes or consumed by rogue waves…..If you’ve ever felt as if the world is going totally mad anytime the likes of Casey Anthony, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck so much as open their mouths or if you feel your once secure future slipping away because of bankrupt Social Security, Wall Street greed, unfunded Medicare programs and a general loss of Faith…..

Then soothe yourself with a little selection from Doc Rock’s Mad Mad Mad World playlist:

” Blah, Blah, Blah ” by Iggy Pop

” Won’t get fooled again ” by The Who

” Living in the past ” by Jethro Tull

” Open Letter to a Landlord ” by Living Colour

‚ÄúRevolution ” by The Beatles

” Change ” by Fishbone

” Rise ” by Bad Brains

” We care alot ” by Faith no More

” War Pigs ” by Black Sabbath

” Zoo Station ” by U2

” Zombie ” by The Cranberries

” Killing in the Name ” by Rage Against the Machine

Refill this prescription often. Doctor’s orders…….

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