The Thinking Man discusses online video changing society

Cameras are getting smaller while still getting more powerful and the improvements are only speeding up.  Aside from having better video of your latest show or family moment, having this much video kicking around is sure to change society in unknown ways.

Start with kids.  I have one.  I also have no less than 4 accessible ways to capture him on film.  Cameras, phones, laptops, etc.  Much of his life, and the lives of his peers is digital. 
How will the fact that he is a little Derek Zoolander affect him later in life?

Unclear, but I hope he doesn’t turn out like this…

With all that video kicking around, society is likely to get more depraved as every politician, movie star, and public person will be fighting off embarrassing video of themselves from years past.

The pool of people with no embarrassing videos loaded to social media sites will only become smaller. I believe this has serious ramifications for society at large.  Some good, some bad.

Think for a moment about politicians.  Part of the reason why normal people consistently rank their elected representatives as “crap” is because these are people who have been squeaky clean as they’ve aimed for an office of public life since they were young.  Or they had rich parents to cover things up for them.

More and more, people will be forced to confront their past, which they hope society will judge as youthful transgression.  Obama admitted past drug use.  Bush did the same but would things be different if we had a video of George W. Bush pulling a 4 foot bong hit in the frat house?

What about embarrassing Facebook photos and video of that night you got really drunk and your friend posted online?   What about video of you that was captured via CCTV or without your knowledge or consent?  When was the last time you picked your nose in public? Are you comfortable with what is out there about you?  If you aren’t is there anything that you can do?

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