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Getting Freaky with the Free Form Funky Freqs

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free-form-funky-freqs-4This past Thursday Philadelphia was treated to the 46th show that the Free Form Funky Freqs have ever played.  In fact they don’t practice and definitively don’t pen set lists.  G. Calvin Weston, Vernon Reid and Jamaladeen Tacoma simply announce the show, arrive, and start playing whatever they are feeling.  This particular evening was a wild romp through some pretty far out jazz and freaky funk that demonstrated just why these cats are a must see anytime they play.  Jamaladeen Tacoma ruled this show with a mighty hand on the bass.  Weston was a force on the drums and Vernon Reid spent most of the show in the shadows adding some tasty riffs to the mix.

Check out the video which is a wild mash-up in its own right filled with the highlights of the evening. …and Yes, those are silver chucks Vernon Reid is sporting!