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Kid Koala, Marco Benevento, Kermit Ruffins – VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO!

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Sorry folks – October and November were hectic and I slacked to post video – here’s what you missed.

Marco Benevento Slays Philly with Three sets

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So the Blockley has been blowing it up recently pulling in the likes of Akron/Family, everyone’s man Otis Day and The Knights (Animal House) and this past Friday an epic 3 set show with Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz and Andrew Borger. Set one contained a new B side off of the 7″ record that Bene was selling at the show called “Fireworks.” Peep it in the first video below as well as the fiery end to “The Real Morning Party” from the beginning of the second set. The band kicked out stellar versions of “Atari” and “Heartbeats’ before the Soul Rebels Brass Band stopped in after opening for Galactic across the city. The combo of musicians bounced through the second half of the second set with a wild horn honking cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Sleigh Bells’ “Infinity Guitars.”
At 2 am the Blockley sold cases of beer for the crowd late night consumption as Bene laid out some stellar work on Elton John’s “Benny and The Jets” before finishing the night around 4 am.

“Fireworks” and more

The Benevento Trio with The Soul Rebels

Marco Benevento Trio – Live at the Blockley – 6.24.11

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Marco Benevento ‘s Trio dropped by Philadelphia’s up and coming Blockley on Friday evening for a rousing two and a half hour set of music.  It would seem that Mr. Benevento has finally found a venue suitable for his spirited work on piano and effects.   The set was stacked with highlights including an early “Atari” done with a dainty touch on the keys and then beefed up at the end with by Benevento adding plenty of pepper and kung-fu hand action.  Dave Dreiwitz held down a pumping low-end pocket with a smile and bounce adding in a chugging rumble when cued by Benevento.  Back on the kit sat drummer Andrew Borger who was no stranger to the jazzy flow erupting from
Benevento’s musical whims.  He connected beautifully with both Marco and Dreiwitz throughout the long and winding set with some exceptional standout snare work on “Greenpoint,” the first track off Marco’s new album Between the Needles & Nightfall.  Borger, who was comfortable with the jazzier numbers, lacked some of Andrew Barr’s punch on “Heartbeats” leaving room for Dreiwitz to bounce in the open holes.  Benevento turned up the juice towards the end of the set as he dropped a cheery and upbeat booty shaking version of “Fearless”  on us that carried directly into Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets.”  Benevento
had been probing all evening for singers to step up from the crowd.  Since no one had obliged his earlier requests, he turned the rocketman’s tune into a sing-along.   With the crowd all properly loosened up on sauce, plenty of shenanigans ensued as Benevento got his wish with a majority of the “spirited” crowd singing the highs on the repeating lyric “Bene! Bene! Bene!”  By two am with several versions of the “Real Morning Party” under our belts the show concluded.   Learn more about Marco Benevento here and Peep the Benevento Trio in action in the video below.