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Roller Derby or Why Women Have More Fun

Posted on by jake Posted in The Beat | 11 Comments

Last Friday several friends and I were invited to see our first ever live Roller Derby game. From the moment I set foot in the Derby Den I was in awe, a regular kid in the candy store grin across my face. Cool Uniforms, A wild looking track, Roller Skates, tri-blocks… seriously it’s like I was wisked back twenty years except now I was seeing it live and not on TV.

The Derby Den is in a warehouse located in west Deptford NJ and contains a rough and tumble banked track where The South Jersey Derby Girls (SJDG) league does battle. On Friday we watched two intraleague teams skate, The Rolling Barren Bandits Vs. The Big Rig Betties

It’s not hard to get the hang of Roller Derby. It’s a slew of short 5 on 5 matchups in which both teams designate a scoring player (the “jammer”) who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. McMenace dominated Friday night lapping the Bandits as TuTu Toxic and the rest of the Betties assisted while unpolitely hindering the Bandits to win the game.  The Big Rig Betties next game is an all-star game against Man’s Ruin from New York. The game on March 17 has been moved to Deptford Skating and Fun Center in Deptford NJ – tickets can be purchased here: – definately worth checking out!   FYI –  The South Jersey Derby Girls skate the MADE (Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor) ruleset

Peep the Video below to see all the Hot Roller Derby Action!