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Thoughts from Tame Impala / Stardeath and White Dwarfs / Kuroma

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Words, Video and Images by Jake Krolick

Kuroma – After watching this video of Kuroma, their performance really could have gone a variety of ways. It turned out that the singer Hank Sullivant also played a decent guitar.Kuroma


Stardeath_and_White_Drawfs1Stardeath and White Drawfs – These cats have been heavily touring and with some tutelage from Uncle Coyne the work has seemingly paid off. After a superb bass and drum battle (intro music for the video below), Coyne’s nephew, Dennis Coyne rocked the fuck out with some funky stoner doom sounds. His white fur wookie boots, wild LED lights and shredding approach on the guitar and keys made for a great pump-up before the main act. Learn more at

Stardeath_and_White_Drawfs_2Tame Impala –Great promise in the young Aussies whose albums were not quite done justice with their live show, at least not during their first time in Philly. The show was a mediocre display of Tame Impala’s tempting musical mix of Cream and Swedish band Dungen. Unfortunetly Kevin Parker’s strong vocals were far too mucked up with feedback to clearly hear. Plus, their set was in desperate need of a powerful beginning and some retooled setlist flow.   The peaks and valleys of good and bad moments left me wanting to see them on a better night in a better sounding venue.   However, 4 of the 12 songs they played were downright delicious, like their last tune of the evening Half Full Glass of Wine.” Just because these guys were not up to snuf in Philly, does not mean they can’t wail – Peep them rule that last tune in the video below.  Much thanks to Craig Holzmer for joining me at the show w/ his handy musical eye and steady hand on the camera. Learn more at 


Tame_Impala_1Random Thought –Tame Impala’s tour manager/stagehand set one of the cleanest, classiest stages I’ve seen in a while. His attention to detail was impeccable tapeing down every last cable. He even bopped his way across the stage to stop an overzealous fan from attempting to burn the eyes of the entire place with her incessant flash-bulb snapshots. He kept order when there was teenage chaos.


Warning-The video below contains scenes of intense rock & roll – Warning